LIFEDANCE Pot 022 (1024x750) (2)

LIFEDANCE: I borrow the name

from my autobiography,

written some years ago as a necessity

when I was stalled in life…in dance.

I needed to tell my story to myself.

Apparently I still do need to tell my story;

my most recent means is by decorating pots.

I have found that telling one’s story is an attempt

to integrate the various parts of self.

For me the various gestures of life

can become fragmented.

One part rejected as less acceptable…

can be split off,

and so the struggle to re-unite ensues.

The first two figures I drew upon this pot

were harmonious, balanced…and acceptable.

The third appeared: proportion all wrong,

her gesture heavy and reluctant,

unacceptable until…

LIFEDANCE Pot and me 066 (617x1024) (2)

I smiled at her awkward sweetness…

her trust in my eventual surrender.

I recognized the conflict…

and my own inevitable struggle before the flow resumes.

I know my dance reflects my life,

and life is happening.

And life unfolds…

LIFEDANCE Pot 096 (1024x683) (2)

I begin to see once more the various parts

that work together for the good.

The life, the dance, the story will be told.

Each gesture will invariably contain the whole.

LIFEDANCE Pot 020 (802x1024) (2)


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4 Responses to “LIFEDANCE”

  1. Gel Says:

    You wrote: “I needed to tell my story to myself”
    This really resonates with me. I’m finding it so important to find the meaning and to do this through telling the story. I also need to have my story heard and understood at some point.

    Maybe your art (the pottery stories) is your way of not only telling the story but also having it seen/heard. As I write this I realize that others, who hear our stories, may or may not understand them. But maybe it’s enough to be witnessed with love.

    Things come to our awareness that seem unacceptable….as you shared about that in this post, I went with you into it.

    You smiled….then “she” trusted….then you surrendered…

    A wonderful healing process.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • leiflife Says:

      Gel… I think it is true that very few can fully understand, but finding one or two seems an immense gift to me. Your words to me tell me this is possible…that you are one…a generous spirit whose heart is open and aware. Thank you…

  2. portrait photographers Famous Says:

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