Dragonfly (Patient Model) 140 (1024x574) (2)

So many inspirations

in the world I inhabit…

Daily I come upon magical gifts;

they open themselves before my eyes,

and my soul is amazed at the wonder revealed.

A dragonfly – as elusive as air –

is suddenly still…

five feet from my trembling heart.

For a timeless rapturous moment she stays,

as I press the shutter again and again:

Heaven has offered itself to me…

and I am receptive.

Turtle Eating Banana from My Hand 113 (1024x684) (2)

Earth comes in the form of a ravenous turtle:

weighty, substantial, and trusting enough

to eat from my hand.

This particular earth-form comes when I call.

“Hello Baby…”

has him climbing a tree

in his quest for banana and me.

Our morning encounters are grounding

to the airborne Gemini that I am.

Turtle & Dragonfly Vase (Heaven & Earth)  024 (703x1024) (2)

Perhaps this explains why the turtle came first

on my most recently decorated pot.

His round weighted contours

settled  sweetly onto

the dear little vase

as my own earthy weight

settled sweetly into

the process of bringing him forth.

Turtle & Dragonfly Vase (Heaven & Earth)  021 (712x1024) (2)

The dragonfly hovered and flirted,

teasing my mind with unattainable beauty…

before it flew into my hand

and out of my pencil.

Turtle & Dragonfly Vase (Heaven & Earth)  003 (665x1024) (2)

Days later,

I held the vase in my hands,

 turning it slowly.

It was then I realized the balance

I had unconsciously brought into being.

I saw the air descending

in response to the earth’s ascent,

And I saw the earth ascending

in response to the air’s descent.

Turtle & Dragonfly Vase (Heaven & Earth) 007 (652x1024) (2)

I held creation in the palm of my hand…

and all was well.


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4 Responses to “HEAVEN AND EARTH”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I’m thrilled to be able to see the pot before someone spirited it away, and seeing the inspirations for it is yet another gift!

  2. Gel Says:

    Yup ~ another beautiful little story process. I love how deeper meaning emerged after you gave yourself to creating the vase. How wonderful to have a turtle come eat out of your hand. I would be thrilled.

  3. leiflife Says:

    Kendall, so glad you enjoyed seeing the pot and the dear creatures who inspired it. Thank you for accompanying my process.

  4. leiflife Says:

    A story process… What a good way to describe it. All of life is made up of many stories…isn’t it? I do love feeding “Baby” and her friends every morning.

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