Angel Pitcher 047 (1000x1024) (2)

Sometimes Angels

wing their way into my mind,

reminding me

of my need to stay in the presence

of divine reality.

When times of physical frailty weigh my body

and vulnerability opens my sensibilities

to all manner of input,

thank Heaven the Angels come too.

They may come in the tender touch

of a gentle-eyed nurse

in the hospital where I am undergoing procedures,

or in the trustful lingering of a heron

as I gaze through my camera.

And in the Shearwater annex –

where I work among kind companions –

They can weave their way through the women’s laughter,

or waft their way onto a pitcher I have chosen to decorate.

Angel Pitcher 048 (732x1024) (2)

This angel appears to be of the mothering sort…

for two plump cupids frolic

in response to her dance.

One hovers close to her mother’s watchful gaze…

reaching frequently for reassurance,

while the other is set free by love…

cavorting fearlessly beyond maternal influence.

Angel Pitcher 041 (1017x1024) (2)

As I hold

the pleasing weight of the pitcher

in my hands,

and accept the manifestation of angels

in my life,

I also accept my human vulnerability…

and my courage.

I know that the mothering angel is always near,

and I am free to go.


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  1. Kendall Says:

    A catch in my throat, in my heart. We are all free to go. It’s only a question of when. Bless you Leif for being the angel you are in the lives of all who meet you, who meet your work, and who encounter some of the beauty you put into the world.

  2. leiflife Says:

    My darling friend, you always go to the heart of the matter. Your comment is so beautiful, and the blessing you send is received with gratitude. I pray from the depths of my heart that your coming journey will be filled with blessings. We will be in touch…as we always are.

  3. Gel Says:

    Hi L
    I think what stands out to me about your sharing is the congruency between things….

    …the shape of this pitcher (curving, ample and spouted) matches the purpose of a pitcher (to hold and pour forth nourishing abundance) and also matches the generosity of your angels (‘pouring’ their benevolence towards you). Also there is the beautifully etched image of the angels and how their figures and movements are congruent with the shape of the pitcher.

    I don’t feel i’ve explained it well, but I hope you get my meaning.

    It is uplifting to read and see this today. Thank you!

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