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October 12, 2014

Visit From My Angel (East Beach) 080 (1024x991) (2)

Since losing my little dog, Star,

my attempts to depict

her dear and funny figure on a pot

have been futile.

Finally facing a particularly challenging bowl

in a particularly challenging time,

she came to help.

She came as she had always done,

as comforter

and gentle prodder when her human needed prodding.

Visit From An Angel Bowl 047 (1024x656) (2)Visit From My Angel bowl (detail) 037 (1024x683) (2)As in the days of her bright living,

her sweet presence came.

I only needed

to wake up and live…

to let the spirit move

on earth as it does in heaven.

Visit From My Angel 090 East Beach (1024x694) (2)I carried on with faith that carrying on

would get me somewhere.

Whatever gift or capability I had

would see me through the task

however arduous it proved to be.

My little angel’s plumey tail wagged happily

when I thought “beach” and drew a spiraling sun.

Pelicans and drifting clouds were fine.

Small waves and several “stars” were also good.

Star’s sensitive nose tipped upward in approval

at salt-scented air.

Visit From My Angel Bowl with Pearl 041 (1024x683) (2)

Pearl thought she smelled a dog

when I brought the finished pot home

and placed it on the floor for her approval.

My own approval…

or acceptance…

was slow to come:

The glazes were not bright enough, etcetera.

But apparently, my little dog angel

was still whispering possibilities,

and what I heard

as clear as clear can be

was “BEACH”.

Take Music to the beach…

and take that blessed bowl.

Take that infernal camera, too.

Have “FUN”!


We did have fun,

Music doing doggy things,

and me with my little camera

playing with my beach bowl on the beach.

My mind grew quiet.

My heart was softened by salt-scented air.

And back at home,

I brushed the sand off of the beautiful pot…

and placed her in the showroom….

Visit From My Angel (exterior) 078 (1024x644) (2)

…where on that very morning

a woman recently bereft of her dog

purchased “Visit From My Angel” as a memorial

to take back home to Michigan.





June 14, 2014

Star at  East Beach 021 (1024x768) (2)

Little dog, Star

has moved on.

She has left us behind:

her earthly companions…

to grieve, to remember, to grieve

until we grieve no more…

but celebrate her well-lived life.

Star and Music (When WE 001 (1024x682) (3)

She came as a puppy

almost fourteen years ago,

and embraced her new world

with enormous enthusiasm.

She looked up to Music

 as older brother

and constant companion:

purebred…and handsome as all get out.

Star was a Cocker and Beagle mix;

a little comical and downright cute.

Star (May 10, 2012)

She loved to ride in the car,

deferring to Music

when it came to who rode where.

She lounged in the back like a happy queen,

eager for whatever Mama had in mind,

though Mama knew she loved East Beach the best.

Star Lapping Up Fresh Salt Air on East Beach Canon S-100 050 (768x1024) (2)

She lapped up fresh salt air

with obvious pleasure,

and gave herself completely

to a windy romp along the hard-packed shoreline.

In this she came to lead the way,

and Music scrambled to keep up.

A Windy Afternoon at East Beach (Oh Joy!) (1024x765) (3)

Star’s wonderful tail

was a flag we simply had to follow.

Star and Me at East Beach - Canon S-100 049 (768x1024) (2)

Her love was irresistible…

a source of joy.

Dear little dog…

For so many years she gave her love

and tolerated my human foibles…

my comings and goings

physically and emotionally.

Mostly she kept her sorrows to herself,

thumping her tail delightedly

each time I spoke her name.

She was always good for a snuggle;

Comfort should have been her middle name.

Even in her later life

when physical ailments came…

one after another:

Torn tendon, Cushing’s Disease, Thyroid problems,

failing Kidneys.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Randall did their best,

 and Star was grateful.

Yet finally…

the inability to relieve the pressure in her bladder,

and cancer discovered by dear Stacey Randall…

Star’s friend Ellen crying  with me

as I said goodbye…

Star 032 (1024x717) (2)

She never meant to pull on my arm so hard.

It was her eagerness that pulled;

she couldn’t wait  to get where she was going.

Her magnificent nose picked up the smell

of fox, raccoon, armadillo, strange cat…

or dog friends with their humans.


Her appetite was whetted by berry season:

Dewberries, Blackberries, Mulberries…

especially Mulberries.

Star grazed beneath the Mulberry tree

for berries the Cedar Waxwing dropped…

especially for her.

Oh Star!

I can’t help wondering where you are…